Do you have ADD?

posted by David Goodlad

No, I don’t mean Attention Deficit Disorder.

In a late-night discussion after RailsConf Europe, the term ‘ADD’ was thrown around as an acronym for Ajax-Driven Development. The reason the acronym is so good is that it’s associated with a disorder that causes problems. In other words, driving your development with the need to provide AJAX functionality is just plain crazy talk.

There are some developers (and more often, in my experience, PHBs) who choose to design from the standpoint of “our site has to use AJAX”. When you’re building a web app, yes, you’ll probably find some use for AJAX. But don’t use it as the base for all of your ideas! This is a classic example of having a solution and looking for a problem.

AJAX is here to expand the possible usability of our applications, it is not a methodology.